Accreditation Assistance: R25 000

Our Accreditation Assistance to Non-Accredited Training Providers includes the following
  1.  1 x Training Material (Full Qualification)
  2.  1 x  Customized QMS Manual with more than 20 Policies
  3.  Mentoring / Coaching until you get your Guaranteed Accreditation Certificate!
  4.  1 x Assessor qualified and registered to assess the Chosen Qualification.
  5.  1 x Moderator qualified and registered to moderate the chosen Qualification.
  6.  Each Service Provider is allocated an Agent who will  Develop Your Accreditation File  which will comply with SETA Requirements!
  7.  After Completion of Your File we submit it for you to the Relevant Seta Free of Charge!

Josmap Training Institute Summarily Does the following Major Services to All Clients
  1. Helping Clients in Completion of the Accreditation Seta Application Form.
  2. Sourcing and Arranging MOU with Relevant Assessors and Moderators!
  3. Liaising with the Seta telephonically and electronically for clarification on any queries that may arise during the above process and following up on Compliant Letters, Site Visits and ETQA
  4. Provide a Customized Quality Management System Document which is according to their Company Needs.
  5. Offer Mentoring and Coaching Services until Clients get their Guaranteed Accreditation Certificate.
  6. We also Advice our Clients on the Preparation of Training Premises to ensure Compliance with Seta requirements.
  7. We provide Site Visit Induction Workshop to prepare Clients for their First-Time Site Visit with the Seta Evaluator .
  8. We also give our Clients an Induction Workshop of QMS Implementation!
  9. We regard all our Clients as 'Kings'
  10. Do it right the First Time,then Life will be Stress Free!